Thermal/Acoustical Insulation is specially milled cellulose fibers treated with fire retardants and a high performance adhesive. It is sprayed on a surface and leaves a carpet-like texture that forms to the surface.

Advantages of Thermal/Acoustical Insulation:

- Absorbs sound, making it great for acoustic purposes.

- Also adds insulation – an R-value of 3.7 per inch.

- Helps with control condensation.

- Creates a thermal barrier.

Instafoam offers approved Thermal Ignition Barriers

In the spray foam industry, intumescent paints are practical and economical options for meeting ignition barrier requirements.

Instafoam's spray-applied intumescent paints acts as a shield, protecting the substrate from the exposure or propagation of flame by surrounding the treated material with a protective char-barrier. These specialty products meet ignition barrier requirements for open and closed cell spray applied polyurethane foam plastic insulation as identified in the applicable sections of the International Building Codes (IBC), International Residential Codes (IRC), and Acceptance Criteria 377 (AC 377). We offer ignition barriers for many types of materials.