"We also installed a high E wood stove. The combination of the stove and foam has worked great. Our furnace has not run in over 3 wks. Sweet.
I hope you and your crew have a great new year.
Thank you!"
Ridgeway, WI

"Absolutely love the basement. It does make a difference."
Monfort, WI

"We received the energy tax credit documentation and the Black Hills Energy Rebate. Thanks for your help. Our house stays much warmer."
Dubuque, IA

"We are very pleased with the work and the renters are very happy with the reduced heating cost."
Boscobel, WI

"I am very pleased with the work completed on Monday, your guys did a great job."
Galena, IL

"We did not have to turn on the heat until December, the temperature was still 67 degrees."
Platteville, WI