If you are looking to design, build or retrofit a house, apartment complex, hotel, retail or commercial building, the best decision you can make is to select Cellulose insulation from Instafoam. Made from up to 85% post-consumer recycled newspapers and borate fire retardants, Cellulose insulation delivers superior insulating performance and helps divert waste material from overcrowded landfills.

For over 15 years Instafoam has met the needs of area customers for quality and customer service with a high performance product that has the best environmental features of any insulation on the market.


Save Money & Help the Environment

The single biggest money-saving and environmental decision you can make for your house is to install the correct amount and type of insulation.

With the rising cost of energy, it makes financial sense to invest in an insulation product that helps you to lower your utility bills year after year while giving you the peace of mind that you are also making the right environmental choice.

By diverting tons of waste paper from landfills, Cellulose Insulation is reprocessed into high-performance insulation. Not only do you help the environment by saving energy to heat and cool your home but you also help save valuable landfill space by reusing waste paper.

If you want to save money, minimize outside sounds and enjoy outstanding comfort, then learn more about a mold resistant, fire resistant, safe and effective insulation - Cellulose insulation from Instafoam.