Injekta Foam Insulation is a great new non-expanding injectable foam insulation product for new and existing walls. Injekta Foam is non-toxic and can be safely and easily installed in both residential and commercial structures. It works great for deadening sound, and is a much better insulation than cellulose or blown in fiberglass.

Compared to the other brands, Injekta Foam has 30-40% higher resin content, resulting in higher foam density; lower water content, meaning less moisture in the wall cavity; and is formulated with chemical cross linkers, meaning less foam shrinkage.

Injekta Foam is affordable and perfect for small and large insulation projects. With the consistency of shaving cream, it expands fully before entering the wall, flowing through the wall cavity, and hardening in place as it dries.  Injekta Foam lives up to its name by providing outstanding insulation value. Injekta Foam is a great investment!