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Flooring Gallery

Epoxy & Logo - Storage Building

This Badger flavored epoxy floor coating was applied to a Platteville area storage building.

Epoxy - Man Cave

This newer man cave needed a special floor. The end product, a marbled, metallic manspace masterpiece.

Epoxy - Garage

This garage burnt down and it had a Dodge Hellcat inside that pretty much melted into the floor. It was very cracked up and spalled all over. The crew ground and filled all the bad areas, primed it and installed a beautiful custom mixed solid flake floor. Click through to see before and after!

Epoxy - Garage

This Green Bay Packers inspired floor has an anti-slip grit that is very evident in this close up image.

Epoxy - Home Theater Room

Metallic epoxy in a new home theater room!

Epoxy - Metallic Color Varieties

Here are a few more examples of some metallic epoxy floors we have completed. Click through to see these masterpieces!

Stain, Seal, Foam - Shed House

A new shed house that we did all the insulating for, as well as concrete stain and sealing.

Epoxy - Garage

This very worn and pitted garage floor needed some serious attention. It took quite a bit of grinding to help smooth it out. It was primed, epoxied and topped off with a urethane clear coat. Ready for some traffic.

Epoxy - Commercial Laundry Room

The tiles in this commercial laundry room were starting to delaminate. After removing all the tiles we applied a seamless, durable and easy to clean quartz floor. Its now ready for lots of foot traffic. Click through to see before and after!

Poly Jacking

3 different examples of unsafe conditions where we used a high density foam to raise concrete, stabilize and/or raise road beds and fill voids around culverts.

Epoxy - Entryway & Public Bathroom

After surface preparation this entryway and public bathroom received a double broadcast of pebble stone color flakes. Ready for many years of service.

Epoxy - Machine Shop Safety Walkways

Large machine shop gets epoxy safety walkways.

Epoxy - Robotic Parlor

This parlor has the floors coated with a industrial quartz epoxy flooring. This has excellent resistance to a broad range of chemical and abrasive conditions. It is designed for use in the harsh environments of food and beverage processing plants. These floors are U.S.D.A. approved for incidental food contact.

Epoxy - Entryway

This customer was looking for a durable easy to clean surface on the entryway. The concrete was ground, primed and given a epoxy base coat with their choice of flakes and then clear coated with some anti slip added in. They were very happy with how it turned out.

Epoxy - Main Street Garage

This Platteville, WI garage floor had a "box store" coating that did not hold up. Instafoam has the prescription for a long lasting, and beautiful garage floor.

Epoxy - Basement

Another unique metallic floor designed and installed in this Platteville, WI basement.

Epoxy - Shop

This Cuba City, WI floor needed a new look. Instafoam is called in to help transform it into a clean surface, ready for whatever may come.

Epoxy - Main Living Area

This rough Potosi, WI floor was poured one wheel barrow at-a-time. Watch how this floor transforms into a beauty.

Epoxy - Women's Dorm Room

This Wisconsin Badger Camp's dorm room floor is repaired, ground, primed and finished with an epoxy flake floor.

Epoxy - Men's Dorm Room

This Wisconsin Badger Camp's dorm room floor is repaired, ground, primed and finished with an epoxy flake floor.

Epoxy - Rescue Squad Trailer

This Dickeyville, WI EMS trailer has the floor & ramp sealed with an epoxy base coat and a tougher urethane top-coat. Slip resistant grit in the coating helps keep everyone safe. See how it goes.

Epoxy & Logos

Here are some of the logos we have installed in floors.

Epoxy - Shop

A shop floor we recently finished up. Full broadcast flake. Protecting the concrete, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Epoxy - Gotham Parlor

This 72 cow carousel parlor floor is coated with a double broadcast quartz in Tile Red.

Epoxy - Basement

This new home's basement needed a little flair. This two color metallic epoxy looks great in an office, main room, and bedroom all connected with a small hallway.

Epoxy - Belmont Floor

This room gets the metallic epoxy floor treatment. This may remind you of your favorite bowling ball?

Epoxy - Basement

This Belmont basement floor receives a metallic epoxy coating. Click through to see the colors before blending!

Epoxy - Garage

Here we have another garage floor with a brown base and light blue, aqua blue, black, and cream colored flakes.

Epoxy - Garage

This one car garage needed to be sealed before the salt worked any deeper into the concrete. The floor received Black, Red, White and Blue Flakes over a Medium Grey base coat. Aggregate was added to the urethane clear-coat for traction.

Poly Jacking

Poly jacking settled concrete eliminating trip hazards.

Epoxy - Living Area

This project was completed with a mixture of browns and tans over a dark base coat. The floor was then top-coated with a clear coating.

Stain - Basement

This Mineral Point basement floor is cleaned, has cracks filled, surface prepped, stained and sealed. This process allows the unique characteristics of the concrete to shine.

Epoxy - Living Area

A cold weather pour left this concrete with a tough looking patch. Click to see the before and after of this transformation!

Poly Jacking

At ManorCare taking care of trip hazards at the front entrance and in the side courtyard.

Stain - New Home

Newer home basement stain project with a clear satin finish.

Epoxy - Shullsburg Shed Floors

A newly completed floor coating project for the Allendorf Family.

Rough Coating - Toy Trailer Ramp

On this toy trailer ramp, we've installed a durable, rough coating for protection. How nice does this look!

Epoxy - Milkhouse

This Belmont milkhouse floor was in need of coating with deep acid cuts, general roughness, and one corner that had sunk down about 2-3 inches. These before and after photos are incredible!

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