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Insulation Gallery

Barn Roof Foam - Darlington, WI

This barn is being renovated to make it more usable, and this required a new roof. The only reasonable way to insulate this roof area and leave the underside of the roof deck untouched was to foam down on the old shingles before new steel roofing is installed.

Building Foam - Farley, IA

This Farley, IA company had cold, leaky walls. The walls were pulled open from the outside (surface mounts and machinery would not allow any access from the inside), old insulation was pulled, areas foamed and steel siding reinstalled.

Wall & Floor Foam - Baraboo, WI

The Chateau at Devils Lake State Park, near Baraboo, WI, has foam installed in the walls and under the floor in the area that is located over the water. This building will be much easier to heat and cool!

Foundation Foam & Coat - WI

A vulnerable place for leakage is where addition concrete abuts old limestone walls. Spray foam and the proper coating will prevent the leaks. Instafoam can be a valuable asset during your building project!

Rock House Basement Make Over

An old rock house gets a basement make-over to a nice clean look. Check out how 1 inch of foam and a bright white roof coating transforms things!

Tandem Axle Trailer

From a "cool" tandem axle trailer into a mobile cooler. This trailer has foam installed in the walls, under the roof and under the floor. Great for celebrations, fairs and carnivals! Another cool job by the Instafoam Team!

Condensation Control

Applying foam and coating under roof decks will control condensation. Are you tired of the dripping mess inside of your nice shed when its NOT raining outside? Let us help!

Outside Foam - Platteville, WI

Since the siding was going to be replaced they decided to pull the fiberboard sheathing off, pull the old insulation out and have us seal it up with spray foam.

Condensation Control - WI

This Prairie du Chien, WI pool room roof assembly had large amounts of condensation that soaked the fiberglass leading to even more problems. The old insulation was removed & spray foam (R-49 value) was installed. The interior wall also had similar problems and was foamed. A 700 square foot pool will evaporate approximately 18 pounds of water (about 2 gallons) per hour. See where it can go?

Basement Foam & Coat - WI

This basement had the same problems that most older basements have; leaks, dust, darkness, cold, etc. Check out the changes that happen in the photos. The changes in warmth and being drier aren't as apparent, but will be to the owners and occupants.

Concrete Block Restoration

The mortar on this banks block wall was cracking, water was running in and ruined the finished interior. Instafoam was called in to seal it up. First a good washing was needed. Second lots of caulking. Then spray foam was used on the bottom section and a waterproofing masonry sealer was applied to all the rest.

Foundation Foam & Coat

This old rock foundation was leaking pretty bad creating a mess inside. After it was excavated, drain tile and clean stone were added to help carry water away. The rock wall was cleaned and the Instafoam crew sealed it up tight. Now no more wet basement.

Waterline Foam

Outdoor furnace waterlines need to be well insulated.

Kennel Foam - Boscobel, WI

This kennel received 2 inches of foam in the walls and 16 inches of cellulose in the attic. These dogs are going to be comfortable!

1325 Log Home Foam

Insulating an 1835 log cabin project like this without foam would be very difficult. The foam flows to fill and form behind the individual logs.

Service Van Foam - Dubuque, IA

Here is the photo progression of foaming and coating a service van's interior. It can be very difficult to heat or cool a van that is not insulated properly. The bright white coating helps reflect the light, and road noise will be substantially dampened as well.

Viola Home Foam - Viola, WI

This Viola, WI area home has the crawlspaces, basement, 1st floor walls, and 2nd floor roof deck foamed. Check it out!

Ceiling Coating - UW Platteville

This TV Studio gets a bright White ceiling... A brighter ceiling helps to reflect lighting more efficiently. Instafoam can install coatings where you need them!

Parlor Wall Coating - Lancaster, WI

This rural Lancaster, WI robotic milking parlor needed a coating placed on areas of the walls. An epoxy coating and urethane top-coat is applied. This coating (which is offered in many colors) will provide the needed protection against livestock contact.

Injection Foam - Cobb, WI

This Cobb, WI home has foam injected into the exterior wall cavities. Some of the wall areas were done from the inside, while other areas were done from the outside. You can see where the foam has expanded to fill all cavities large and small.

Building Insulation - Fennimore, WI

This Fennimore business had many years of high heating and cooling bills. Instafoam is called in to gain access and foam the exterior walls. Dramatic savings will be seen after foam is installed!

1 1/2 Story Home Attic Foam - IL

This story and 1/2 home has the upper and side attics foamed. Foaming under the roof deck reduces the surface area of a home and makes future access easier. Foam is a better insulator and air sealer than the other insulation types used in theses areas.

Shop Insulation - Mineral Point, WI

This maintenance shop has 3 inches of foam and a thermal barrier sprayed over the walls and ceiling. Sidewall steel was installed to allow for mounting items and to increase durability. As you can see, the White coating makes an impressive difference in lighting. The foam will show its value this winter!

Foundation Foam & Coat - WI

This walk-out area was loosing heat, which creates an extremely cold floor. Foam is sprayed over the cleaned, exposed concrete and is afterward coated. The remainder of the house had previously installed foam board, which was coated to protect the foam board and also to freshen the look.

Hunting House Foam

Foaming done and all ready for hunting. The deer won't hear and the warmth will be trapped in!

Foundation Work - Mt. Horeb, WI

This Mt. Horeb, WI home needed foundation insulation and coating.

Outdoor Wood Stove Foam

This large outdoor wood stove needed insulation to help prevent heat loss. This unit will heat a series of buildings.

Duct Foam & Coat

The 6 foot diameter air handling ducts needed insulation and a roof coating

Digester Foam - Winona, MN

This manure digester gets foam insulation.

Semi Trailer Foam

This 53' semi-trailer had some small roof leaks. Foam is the answer for this challenge.

Grain Bin Foam

Loss of grain can be stopped by sealing the base of a grain bin. We have sealed grain bins with a base over 100 feet in diameter.

Garage Foam - Cuba City, WI

Adding 3 inches of foam to the walls and under the roof deck will keep this beautiful garage warm this winter.

Warm Storage Tank Insulation

This tank, located in a level above the parlor, had water condensating on the surface. The condensate would then run down and leak into the floor and parlor. Our foam will prevent condensation from occurring, and also the related problems!

Scale House Foam - Platteville, WI

This scale house serves as this farm's hub of commodity loading, unloading and storage control. Foam is used to provide climate control and keep animals out.

Heated Liquid Commodity Tank

Heated liquid ag commodities storage tanks need insulation for the winter months.

Basement Wall Work - WI

This Platteville, WI basement has foam and coating installed to help keep it dry, stay warmer and just plain look better!

Door Foam & Coat - Airport

A Platteville, WI airport hanger door foamed and coated!

Foundation Work

Another foundation foamed and coated. Instafoam can provide water tight insulation and coating for your projects!

Cabin Foam - Viola, WI

This cabin has foam installed under the floor. The owners found it uncomfortably cold in the Fall & Winter with no insulation. No more cold floors after this!

Mississippi Bluff Home - WI

This home situated on the Mississippi bluff near Cassville, WI has foam sprayed in the walls & Great Room vault, with cellulose blown into the attics.

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