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Roofing Gallery

Roof Repair - Cross Plains, WI

This EPDM roof had shrinkage and puckers that caused leakage. Repairs on top of repairs couldn't keep up with the leaks. This energy star coating will provide many years of protection for this home.

Flat Roof - Cuba City, WI

This roof is almost flat. Even with it being a fairly new standing seam roof, it still leaked. Our coatings are used to seal the roof in one continuous coat.

Barn Roof - Scales Mound, IL

This Scales Mound, IL barn has the roof sealed for many more years of useful life. The end walls are also coated to match the surrounding buildings. Your barn or building can also be brought back to life!

Fountain Park - Dubuque, IA

This Fountain Park roof needed a re-coat after many years of service. Instafoam is trusted to clean, repair & add an "energy star" coating over this previously foamed and coated roof.

Roof Repair - Hanover, IL

This Hanover, IL home has the TPO roof coated with an "energy star" coating. Leaks around skylights were repaired.

Tres Chic Salon - Lancaster, WI

This low slope roof needed to stop leaking, have better drainage and a long lasting roof coating.

Roof Repair - Belmont, WI

Leaks from above and moisture from beneath caused an early death to this roof.

Daycare Facility Roof - Cuba City, WI

Just 4 Kidz daycare in Cuba City, WI has the roof repaired and coated. With many years of experience, Instafoam can repair older roofs without tear-off. The repairs and coating on this roof will add many years of valuable service.

Roof Coat - Madison, WI

These photos show the progression of cleaning and coating a 32,000+ Square Foot roof in Madison. This roof had leaked in many areas for many years despite many attempts to seal it by "others".

Feed Mill Roof Sealing - Dickeyville, WI

Here's an example of a leak in a hard to seal area!

BARD Roof Repair - Dodgeville, WI

A storm had lifted the roof material and repair was needed. The roof was repaired and coated with an energy star coating.

Brewery - Platteville, WI

The original part of this structure (which was a brewery) has the roof coated with an energy star coating. Jenny Brothers and others produced dairy products here in past years.

Roof - Madison, WI

This roof area around the skylights was leaking and, if torn off and repaired conventionally, would have been very expensive to fix. Our Energy Star coatings can make projects like this economical and more energy efficient.

EPDM (Rubber) Roof Repairs

Our Energy Star coatings work very well to seal an EPDM roof for many additional years of service. Steel roofs can also be coated in the same manner.

Elzen Trucking - Lamont, WI

Nails located on top of the corrugation can cause leaks as the roof moves. Instafoam can seal an older roof with an energy star coating! 

BARD Roof Repair - Monroe, WI

The far end of this roof has fasteners protruding through the EPDM. Click through to see before and after!

Roof Repair - Platteville, WI

Another rubber (EPDM) roof was showing its age.

Waterproof Coating

A metal storage shed gets a waterproof coating.

Low Slope Roof Repair - Highland, WI

Coating a leaky low slope roof on main street.

Mobile Home Roof - Dubuque, IA

This shows an old leaky mobile home roof with many coats of silver paint and how it is finished.

Citgo - Benton, WI

A leaky hail damaged barrel roof ready for many more years.

Rubber Roof Repair - Shullsburg, WI

A leaky rubber roof sealed and coated with an energy star coating for years of service!

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